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Thank you for your interest in our growing learning community!

We are currently enrolling students for Kindergarten through Grade 8. 


Chabad Jewish Academy provides a nurturing, value-based learning environment where children actively build their Jewish identity, critical thinking, confidence, resilience, and empathy. At CJA children are safe to remain curious and creative, never afraid to try something new, if they stumble, they get up, and try again. We lead children to be leaders.

CJA welcomes all Jewish families, regardless of affiliation and level of practice. Our families have diverse backgrounds and span the spectrum from unaffiliated to Orthodox. Our students grow up to have a vibrant Jewish identity and strive for excellence in what they do. 


We invite you to learn more on the pages of this website about our educational philosophy, academic programs, and approach to Jewish education. We also invite you to revisit the Admission pages of our website for guidance throughout the application process, where you can:

We look forward to hearing from you!


Jennifer Montville

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