Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I enroll my child a full Jewish Day School, if I can send him or her to “Sunday School” for Hebrew studies, along with enrichment at home and synagogue?

A: Comparing a Sunday school program to a day school is like comparing consumption of vitamin and mineral supplements to eating nutritious meals regularly.

All after-school enrichment programs are good and helpful, but they cannot be compared to immersion in a full Hebrew/Jewish atmosphere, where the Hebrew and Jewish studies are absorbed in a manner that is natural and long lasting.

Besides, our school provides many more benefits, see Advantages of a Small School.

Q: Isn’t my child being deprived of social interaction by being in a small school without many peers of his or her age?

A: Our experience, as well as expert research, has shown that the benefits of being in a small social setting such as in CJA outweigh the disadvantages that come with it.

Children in a small social setting in the early years of their life develop the sense of security and confidence they will need to have when confronting larger and more diverse groups of people in the future.

Additionally, children have more opportunities to be leaders, thus empowering them with important social skills they would’ve not necessarily developed otherwise.

And last but not least, in a small school children are far less exposed to the perils of violence and extreme behaviors that plague the larger schools.

The thought that children need to be exposed to these behaviors so they can build immunities to them, has been proven wrong. Many times exposure to these extremes have an adverse effect on the child.

The best way to insure the emotional and moral vigor of your child is by providing a safe and loving atmosphere where he can develop his character in a way that will withstand future obstacles.

For more information see Advantages of a Small School

Q: How much is the tuition cost?

A: Tuition is reasonable, and compared to other Jewish day schools in America it’s very low. Financial aid is also available for qualifying families.

So please, don’t let the tuition concern delay contacting us – info@chabadjewishacademy.org