Arts, Music & Drama

Arts, Music & Drama


CJA is a school of artists. As a Jewish school, the development of students’ spirituality contributes much to their artistic development and creative imagination.

Art classes are part of the regular curriculum and for those interested in extra art-enrichment, an after school Art Club is available. “Real” artists from the Myrtle Beach community also volunteer to teach our creative students.

In the Hebrew and Torah (Bible) classes, students are assigned artistic projects regularly; the annual Science Fair also uncovers the artistic talents of our students.

Art studio nights at CJA and the annual Israel Art & Food Festival in Myrtle Beach are examples of unique artistic programs that our school provides.

Our students have produced several “masterpieces”, some of which won state and national competitions, and many auctioned off to benefit the school.


In CJA, song and music are a major part of the school day and curriculum. Every morning, prayers are recited in song; Birkat HaMazon, grace after meal, is recited in song; holiday songs are introduced and rehearsed seasonally. In the TaLAM Hebrew and Judaic curriculum music and song are part of every lesson.

CJA school choir perform at formal events throughout the year.

In addition, guitar and violin instruction is taught weekly by local professional musicians. Some of our graduates are currently advanced musicians, and are still playing their school instrument enthusiastically.


CJA students produce many shows and plays throughout the year for their peers and parents. Students become script writers, musical directors, actors, and good team-workers.

The productions are known to be smooth and enjoyable by all, a real hit!