CJA is a small private school with high expectations academically. We align our curriculum with the gifted curriculum of the state of South Carolina. Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to individualize our curriculum, as well, for those students in need.

Best practices, both traditional and innovative are employed to help each girl and boy, achieve their academic potential while experiencing a joyful childhood of well being and happiness.

In the preschool, Piaget’s developmental theory is applied to provide each age group with appropriate academic challenges in an environment which fosters their well being

In short:

  • CJA’s learning program is focused on academic rigor as well as appropriate social, emotional, moral and spiritual development.
  • The academic program is in accordance with South Carolina standards for advanced courses; and includes an advanced Hebrew and Judaic curriculum.
  • We believe that active learning leads to the development of knowledge, skills and a positive disposition toward learning.
  • We expect all students to work hard and achieve their best.
  • CJA is a community of learners who strive to grow and develop their mind, heart and soul.