CJA’s Mission Statement

To provide excellent and nurturing education, for academic success and a vibrant Jewish identity.

CJA’s Commitment:

The CJA Student Will Gain:

  • A deep awareness of our rich Jewish heritage and teachings.
  • A comprehensive character education.
  • A love of learning and thirst for knowledge.
  • An excellent foundation in the arts, sciences and technology.
  • Experience with creative problem solving and collaborative efforts.
  • Solid study and work habits.
  • Experiences of success and the joy that comes with it.
  • An understanding of their strength and weaknesses as individual learners.
  • Confidence, as they learn in an orderly and predictable environment.
  • Autonomy: As they are trusted to make choices and respected for their choices.
  • Self esteem: As they are accepted unconditionally by the loving community of CJA.

CJA graduates will be prepared for future success as the very best person they can become as individuals, family and community members.

CJA Values:

  • Responsibility
  • Discipline and Choices
  • Organization
  • Initiative and Independence
  • Creativity and Resourcefulness
  • Excellence and Perseverance
  • Love, Kindness and Respect
  • Honesty and Humor
  • Leadership and Modesty
  • Faith, Optimism and Joy

CJA Motto:

Mind, Heart, Soul.

CJA Quote:

Real success is gained by effort.

Real effort gains success.

(Talmud Megillah)